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Welcome to the Davie County Virtual School 

Davie County Virtual School (DCVS) provides a unique opportunity for students and families, as education can occur anytime and anywhere. However, students and families must be up for this challenge as virtual learning requires students to be more responsible and self-directed and for parents to play an active role as learning coaches within the home.

For 2021-22, DCVS is its own school within Davie County Schools and will build upon the 2020-21 virtual academy foundation. As we continue to grow, the structure and accountability will also expand to include live instruction in the forms of regularly-scheduled whole group classes, as well as personalized small-group enrichment and intervention opportunities. Students will continue to have some flexibility in non-core instruction in the form of pre-recorded sessions, assignments, and tasks to be completed within a certain time frame.

This online option is a unique opportunity that requires commitment from families and DCS in planning, staffing, and sustaining. Students who are accepted into DCVS are expected to make a one-year commitment to the program. It is an expectation that satisfactory attendance, behavior, and academics will be shown by all students participating in DCVS.

In the spring of each year, all rising fourth- through eighth-grade students enrolled in Davie County Schools can apply for DCVS for the next school year. Homeschool and private school students are also encouraged to apply, as well as any newly-enrolled students who may have missed the application period.


Valerie Feezor

Mrs. Valerie Feezor
Davie County Virtual School 

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