Material Distribution

To request distribution of approved non-school material, please complete the online form for material distribution, in addition to submitting the actual flyer to Mavel Nelson. The form creates a cover sheet for the bundles (new procedure). You may submit a request to distribute approved printed materials using the following link:

Request Distribution of Non-School Materials 

Once the request and materials are received and reviewed, you will receive notification and instructions, when approved. If you have any questions, please contact Mavel Nelson, 336-751-5921.

Policy Code: 5210 Distribution of Religious and Political Literature

Policy Code: 5240 Advertising in the Schools

Non-school materials will be limited to information regarding programs from:

Mocksville/Davie Recreation Department
Other non-profit agencies
Golden Opportunity Partners

Services offered should relate to:

Tutoring/mentoring services
Character development
After-school care
Golden Opportunity Partner Information

Materials must include: This is non-school material that is neither endorsed nor sponsored by Davie County Schools.

Materials should not have information coming back into schools. EXCEPTION: Limited community outreach programs providing charitable services such as Book Bags of Hope, Toys for Tots, A Storehouse for Jesus, Toy Store, etc. will be allowed to have information returned to the schools. 

NOTE: Information provided in Spanish must be the same as the approved English materials. Groups providing charitable services are encouraged to provide information in Spanish as well as English.